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Your Pacific Northwest Reptile Experts!

We’re so glad you’re here!

You’ve found the premier reptile experts in the Seattle Metro area.  If you’re looking for a new reptile, amphibian,  or arachnid, you won’t be disappointed when you visit us at the Hewitt Reptile Emporium!

“Hands down my favorite reptile place in the area beats any place in Seattle and they keep a solid supply of rats. They have a Tegu and several beautiful boas I bought my royal python here as a hatchling she was very healthy with good genetics. Great place if you wanna show the kids some snakes.”

– morte deamor

“The employees are all very kind. I came to look at corn snakes since I plan to get one in about a half a year. I asked a few questions like how large do cornsnakes get as adults and one of the employees took the time to open the cage and show me a snake for reference. His name was Beetlejuice and he was very cute 🙂 I also got to pet toothless. They were willing to answer any questions. Very helpful, when I do get a cornsnake I plan on getting them from here.”

– jeni

“Hewitt has been helping us take care of our scaley babies since we moved to Washington. The owner is knowledgeable and kind. They offer pet sitting for your scaled friends and there’s always a dog to pet!”

– Pam Crawford

“Always love coming into this shop, been shopping from here for about 3-4 years and never been disappointed, Camille has a wonderful service attitude that makes you feel welcome and answered every question I threw at them, thanks for the wonderful service!”


“I go here religiously to get feeders and supplies for my snakes. Easily the best selection of any pet store in the Seattle and Everett area for reptile enthusiasts, and it’s clear that the people working here understand and care about good husbandry. Camille in particular is always there and always helpful, she has given me good advice on multiple occasions. I highly recommend this store if you’re looking to actually be able to browse supplies and talk shop, because I can tell you no other pet store in the area can offer what they can. Total bonus as well: all of their resident animals, both warm and cold blooded, are lovely and a joy to see every time I go”



Give us a call to see what animals are currently available.

We often have the following in stock:

  • Boas
  • Pythons
  • Bearded Dragons
  • Leopard Geckos
  • Chameleons
  • Dart Frogs and other Amphibians
  • Turtles & Tortoises
  • Skinks
  • Variety of Tarantuals & Other Arachnids
Bearded Dragon

Pet Sitting Services by the Experts

Going on vacation?  Leave your reptiles with the experts at Hewitt Reptile Emporium!

  • $15 per day per pet
  • 3 day minimum stay required
  • Enclosure and food included

Discounts Available for:

  • Military deployment
  • Extended stay
  • Multiple pets

We have the habitat supplies you’re looking for!